Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LIS Blog

Recently my LIS class visited the archives in the Library here at the University of Southern Mississippi. It is very interesting to see all of the history that is being kept right here on our campus. There were stories of many people throughout history that were being preserved for the use of our scholars and many others. One of the stories that stood out with me was that of a young family during the times of segregation. They moved into town and were forced to attend a school for African Americans because they were not considered "white." They parents of the children fought it because they said that they were not considered "black" either. The conflict contiuned for several years. There was also a picture of the children in the archives which made it all the more interesting.
There were also many stories that we are familiar with today but that were written in a way that we would not usually see. For instance childrens books like, "Litte Red Riding Hood." There were many different versions of old folk tales we are read as children. It was interesting to see how different cultures take these stories and change them. I believe it would be beneficial for everyone on our campus to visit the archives at least once while they are here.